CloudVM: VM Launchpad
Launch a 32-bit virtual machine directly in your browser using WebAssembly, Rust, C, SeaBIOS (QEMU uses this too), and JavaScript. ACPI is enabled by default, but is experimental and works on most emulators. A network relay is preset to enable internet access. The network drivers required by CloudVM work in most VMs (but not all). If the internet is not working, the VM may not support it or there was an error during the boot process. Try refreshing the page to restart the emulator. Audio is officially supported.
You may experience incompatibility with certain browsers and devices. Official compatibility is maintained for Google Chrome desktop. Try opening multiple windows side by side and run multiple VMs "simultaneously"!
If you are experiencing long load times, try leaving all of the default options enabled when launching a VM. Download a save state on the virtual machine emulator page. You can upload this save state at any time to resume right from where you left off (also skipping over the boot process). The virtual machine in the save state and the virtual machine the save state is being restored to have to use the same operating system and have the same amount RAM.
Some VMs, even if they are marked as "ULTRAFAST" may take some time to boot up. The speed rating in the brackets [] indicates how fast the VM will be after booting up. Some VMs will remain without a speed rating.

If any of the VMs request login credentials, the username is root the password is either root or toor, depending on the VM.

Virtual Machine Configuration

ACPI Enabled (Beta): (Disable if you are experiencing issues loading VMs)
Asynchronous Disk Read/Writes:
Prefer Speed Over Loading Time (Loads entire disk before launching VM) Prefer Loading Time Over Speed (Async disk read/writes)

Network Relay/Proxy (leave blank to disable internet access):

RAM (Memory; MB):
VRAM (Video Memory; MB):

Launch Operating System Preset
(All 32-bit. Pentium 3 compatible. Operating systems for processors above Pentium 3 may not launch or may not operate as expected.)
Hover over an operating system to see more info

Launch Custom VM
(All 32-bit. Pentium 3 compatible. Operating systems for processors above Pentium 3 may not launch or may not operate as expected.)
If you are entering URLs, and the VM does not load, you need to install and turn on this Chrome extension, which enables CORS. CORS policy enables access to the files on external web servers from your client and is disabled by default.

If uploading disks/CDs/drives, please LEAVE THIS TAB OPEN. The emulator will open in a new tab in your browser. Leave this tab open for the duration of the session or the emulator may stop working. Do not refresh this tab either.



Floppy Disk [OPTIONAL]:



Hard Disk [OPTIONAL]:


Created by David Fahim with v86

v86 is based on JSLinux by Fabrice Bellard

Mirror on Github